Free Pancakeswap Sniper Bot based on BSC.

CryptoPandapy CryptoPandapy Last update: Mar 19, 2023


Pancakeswap Sniper Bot based on BSC. Autobuy, autosell, custom gas fee, coolest interface ever and more, more, more. I also trying to upload new versions of this program every week, to make fewer bugs & etc. You can enjoy this by clicking star, watch or make a fork ^_^ Also, you can enjoy my other bots/programs or etc., they all in my profile on GitHub.

Change Log:

  • Version 1.1 [release]

How to install:

  1. Download .zip and unpack 'em on your desktop.
  2. Open folder
  3. Open Pancakeswap_SniperBot_BSC.exe
  4. Next, understand intuitively. If you have questions, click on the help button on the top left.
  5. Enjoy!

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