Crypto trading bot using Binance API (Java)

markusaksli markusaksli Last update: Mar 18, 2023


TradeBot is a cryptocurrency trading bot that uses the Binance API, and a strategy based on a couple of 5 minute chart indicators

  • (RSI, MACD, Bollinger Bands)

Download the latest release


  • The bot uses 5 different indicators: DBB, EMA, MACD, RSI, SMA. The three main indicators will fire off a buy signal when a certain state has been achieved.
  • When the bot has collected enough signals, an order will be placed on the market.
  • Vice versa, if enough sell signals are signals are fired, a sell order will be placed.

The config for the bot can be changed using the config.txt file



  • This is not a financial service or investment advice!

    • The default config and strategy implemented in the source code of the project serve as an example and are open-source.

    • While we intend to contribute to make the bot work well out-of-the-box, we make no specific claims about the profitability of it in the current market climate!

  • Backtest your config and make sure you are ready to use this mode at your own risk!

  • This mode trades with real money on the Binance platform

  • API key and Secret key required

  • You can choose to add your credentials to the credentials.txt file for easier use

  • Currently only supports market orders, this will cause a slight efficiency loss.


  • Real-time trading simulation based on actual market data

  • Trades are only simulated based on market prices

  • No actual orders are made


  • Simulation based on historical data

  • Allows for quick testing of the behavior and profitability of the bot

  • Data needs to be loaded from a .dat file created with the Collection mode


  • Collects raw market price data (aggregated trades) from a specified time period

  • Collected data is saved in a file in the backtesting directory

  • Collected data can be exported to a .csv format

  • Never run more than one TradeBot with this mode at the same time, you will likely hit the API request limit.


  • MACD change indicator - Change of MACD line to count as a buy signal (decimal)
  • RSI positive side minimum - Strong buy signal (2) if RSI is below this (integer)
  • RSI positive side maximum - Buy signal if RSI is below this (integer)
  • RSI negative side minimum - Sell signal if RSI is above this (integer)
  • RSI negative side maximum - Strong sell signal (2) if RSI is above this (integer)
  • Simulation mode starting value - Amount of FIAT to start with in Simulation (integer)
  • Percentage of money per trade - How much of available fiat to put into each trade (decimal)
  • Trailing SL - Trailing Stop Loss (decimal)
  • Take profit - Profit to close trade at (decimal)
  • Confluence - How many indicators have to give a buy signal to buy (integer)
  • Close confluence - How many indicators have to give a sell signal to sell (integer)
  • Use confluence to close - Whether to use sell signals to close or not (true/false)
  • Currencies to track - What currencies to track in simulation and live (ex BTC, ETH, ADA...)
  • FIAT - What currency to trade against (ex USDT)

See the included config file for a ready to use example

Setup the credentials.txt file to automatically log into live mode without having to enter your credentials

Issues, suggestions and contributing

If you run into any issues while using the bot or if you want to request any changes or new features, open a new issue to let us know.

If you would like to contribute to the development and profitability of the bot, simply open a PR or let us know.

There are some open issues that set a general direction for development once the current implementation of the bot works reliably in Live mode (modularize, separate backend, create GUI, communicate with GUI through API).

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